Dos and Don’ts: Getting Ready for Listing Photos

When you’re preparing to put your house on the market, you are probably already aware that most of the first impressions made on potential buyers will be via your listing photos. It’s important to take the time and make sure you are preparing your home, so that your photographer will be able to capture photos that will attract those buyers, not send them running. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you do your best to get ready for listing photos, and get your home the attention you want it to have.

Closeup on modern DSLR camera in hand of modern female interior photographer at home.


Make your house look welcoming. Start with a warm and welcoming entryway, which will set the tone for the rest of the photos.

Consider other perspectives. With Wiens & Roth, you will have access to an aerial photographer, and having a bird’s eye view photo will help show off your property from a unique perspective. Make sure your yard is clear of toys, hoses, trash cans, etc., and cars are removed from the driveway.

Focus on the best parts of your home. While you may think skipping certain rooms is the norm, it is better to show off what it is that makes you love your home. Do you have a beautiful garage? Make sure you get great photos of it!

Stage your rooms. A home stager will be able to offer you advice on how to do this and make sure your home will appeal to buyers. They will help you make sure potential buyers can see how great your space can, be so they can picture themselves in it.

Show off the view – if you have one. If you’ve got a beautiful porch where you love to have your morning coffee because of the tree line, make sure you have that ready for the photographer to snap a photo of. Have curtains and blinds open to let in the light!


Leave your home cluttered. Make sure anything visible in photos is neat and tidy. Tuck away any cords to lamps or other items. Take those magnets and other items off of your refrigerator, and have surfaces as clear as possible. When it comes to getting ready for photos of your home, less is more!

Leave personal photos or other identifying personal items on the walls or surfaces. Both for your personal security, privacy, and also to allow the buyer to visualize the home as theirs, rather than belonging to someone else.

Forget to clean up the everyday mess of life. Your home should be clean and organized when listing photos are taken because potential buyers may have a hard time picturing themselves living in your home if they can’t look past the mess. Avoid having toothbrushes and toiletries on counters, or too many personal items in showers or bathtubs.

Show off your furry children. While there are plenty of pet lovers out there, it’s important to hide evidence of pets for photos. Featuring your pups or kittens will often detract from what your home looks like, and lead clients to worry about potential pet damage or smells.

At Wiens & Roth, one of our passions is making sure your home is ready and looks great so that it will appeal to the widest possibly range of buyers, and give them every opportunity to visualize the home as their own!